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Task: Endeavour, Lesser (-1): Win the fiddle contest (both sides, changeling determines the winner)
Boon: Adroitness (+1 to Expression rolls, changeling); Favor, Lesser (+1, mortal may ask for golden fiddle upon winning the contest)
Sanction: Pishogue, Lesser (-1, mortal); Poisoning of Boon (-1, changeling)
Duration: Day (+1)

So, the above task can only have one winner, since the fiddle contest can (theoretically) have only one winner. And the changeling, clever bastard that he is, chooses who wins.

The changeling then stacks the deck with his adroitness boon. The mortal just gets a favor, worded so that the only favor he can ask upon winning is for the fiddle made of gold.

If the mortal loses, the changeling uses his goblin vow (souls purview) to take Johnny’s soul. Probably to sell at the nearest goblin market. If the changeling loses, he just finds it harder to fiddle for a day and then goes on about his business.

autor: Lazydm

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